Sell Firearms


Do you own a few firearms or have inherited your father’s or grandfather’s collection? Maybe you have made a decision that you no longer want to own a gun or you just need some cash and have decided to sell your firearm?  Whichever it is, you realize that your gun collection can be a potential source of income.  But while you may or may not have sold guns at other venues (like a gun show or a gun shop or through a gun broker) before, you’ve never sold one at a pawn shop, and you’re not really sure where to start.  Well, you have come to the right place!  PAWN USA in Woodbridge VA can help you with this process and buy your firearms.  We want to make sure that whether you are a gun collector or have made the decision to get a conceal and carry permit, that we are a good resource for help and information for you.

Types of guns we will buy/not limited to:
– carry guns
– hunting guns
– military style guns
– collectible firearms
– antique firearms
– colt guns
– glock pistols

Please keep in mind that at this time PAWN USA has made the decision that we will only buy your firearms.  We will NOT sell any firearm to the public, nor will we give a loan on any firearm!

1. Understand the Law

Since you already own a firearm, you understand the legal requirements and obligations that come with gun ownership. Similarly, as your pawn shop, we must comply with local and federal gun laws to buy and sell guns, including the following regulations:

  • Any pawn shop that markets guns must be a Federal Firearms Licensee, which means they’re licensed to deal with guns in the United States. To earn their license, all pawn shops must understand and follow all federal gun regulations.  We do!
  • State and local laws may add further restrictions. For instance, most states require gun owners to unload and case their guns. We do!
  • Bear in mind that pawn shops can’t accept stolen property, including firearms. We will not!
  • We won’t accept firearms from minors under any circumstance! We will not!

Like other firearms marketers, pawn shops need to adhere to all laws to keep the process safe, simple, and convenient. Whether you want to purchase or sell your gun at a pawn shop, you can rest assured the process is safe and legal. (again, at this time PAWN USA will only PURCHASE firearms, we will not sell them or do a loan on them).

2. Understand the Process 

Many people choose pawn shops for firearm sales because pawn shops streamline the process. You can usually walk in and out with the cash or firearm you need quickly, as long as you can pass a background check. When you understand the typical pawn and purchase process, you can speed the transaction up even further.

If you plan to sell your gun, make sure to…

  • Unload and case your gun. Bring it to our pawn shop along with photo identification, such as your driver’s license.

3. Feel comfortable knowing that you will have a SAFE and legal transaction

Please bring in any case or accessories that you might have with your firearm.  Any receipts or paperwork are nice to have, but not necessary. Take a good look around our pawn shop-you never know what antiques, treasures, tools, jewelry, collectibles, electronics or rarities you could come across!

With these tips in hand, you’re better prepared to buy a gun at your local pawn shop. Talk to a PAWN USA pawnbroker if you have any questions, and get ready to enjoy your new cash for your old firearm/ gun!

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