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For 26 years, Pawn USA has provided professional and friendly paving services to the Woodbridge, VA area. Get some insight on the pawning industry and shop updates by reading our blog below!

Fresh Start

Pawn USA in Woodbridge Va is hoping that this site will be informative and helpful to you whether you are looking to get a loan and pawn an item, need extra cash and want to sell an item, want to have questions answered about what your item is worth, or are just curious about what the pawn industry is all about. There are contact forms throughout that should help you contact us to sell your gold, sell your diamonds, get estimates for jewelry, designer purses, designer sunglasses, Rolex watches, musical instruments, electronics like large-screen TVs, cameras, iPods, iPads, tools, wheels and rims, car audio equipment, well, we could go on and on, right? Let’s face it, we have it all and buy it all so I won’t prolong the list.

This is about a fresh start. A fresh new website for us will hopefully lead to you finding a fresh new piece of jewelry or something, or better yet, our fresh new website could lead you to get the cash that you need and deserve to pay off your debt/bill and get a fresh new start financially!

Just remember, everyone deserves a fresh start. It is what you make of it that matters! We are very lucky to live in a country like America, where fresh starts are given every day! Take yours and do something great with it!

Pawn USAPawn USA Gold and Jewelry Exchange is a pawnshop, but it is not your normal pawnshop at all. You can tell as soon as you walk through our doors that this is an upscale pawn shop that wants all of its customers- male and female, young and old- to feel comfortable while shopping or getting a confidential loan.

Speaking of a fresh start Pawn USA Woodbridge has just had a little facelift (nothing wrong with a little PICK ME UP, right?). Walk through our doors and you will see the gorgeous granite countertops, shiny wood floors and amazing rock/ pebble facing on our counters. Our store is bright and full of all kinds of great deals! You can tell from the logo mat you see as soon as you walk through the door, that at Pawn USA, we want you to feel WELCOME from the minute you walk in! Someone should greet you with a “Hi” and an “If I can help you with anything, just let me know!”

Just a sneak peek!!! You’ll have to come in to see the rest of our little face lift!!!!