People like to invest their money in all sorts of different things. Some invest in properties, some are into fine jewelry and gold, and others invest in luxury items like Rolex watches. There is no doubt that Rolex is one of the most famous and expensive luxury watches in the world.

What makes Rolex a sound investment is that Rolex is famous all over the world, so whichever part of the world you may be, your Rolex watch will still hold the same value. So in case you are short of money or you need fast cash, you can always sell a used Rolex.

#1 Rolex Buyerwatch

Pawn USA Woodbridge is the number #1 watch buyer in Northern VA and its surrounding areas. We have been serving clients, pawning, buying and selling jewelry and other luxury items, for more than 29 years already. We also do business with other luxury watches, but Pawn USA specializes in Rolex watches.

If you need fast cash yet can’t wait for your loan at the bank to get approved, then go to Pawn USA Woodbridge and get cash for your Rolex. Pawning or selling your Rolex with us is a secure way to sell your Rolex — whether it’s stainless steel, 18k gold, two-toned, or platinum.

Why Choose Pawn USA?

Same Day Payment

Yes, that’s how fast you can get cash for your Rolex with Pawn USA. Unlike in most banks, we don’t require lengthy processing and unnecessary documents from our customers. As long as you have your Rolex watch, proof that it is yours, and its original papers; then our pawnbrokers can evaluate its value, and we can agree for its pawning or selling price. If you are looking for a safe, quick, and easy way to sell your watch, contact or visit Pawn USA in Woodbridge, VA today.

We will pay more

Pawn USA Woodbridge is the best Rolex dealer in Northern VA. We also know how valuable your Rolex watches are, so with this, we make sure nobody is on the losing end of our transaction — and we pay top prices for Rolex. The hottest Rolex watches in our secured facility include Rolex Submariner, GMT Master, Daytona, Lady Datejust, Presidential, Oyster Perpetual, Milgauss, Batman, Gmt, Pepsi, and other top sports models.

Ready to sell your watch? We give the best price.

One of the most common questions that we get about Rolex watches is, “Can I trade my Rolex?” The answer is a big YES! This is perfect for individuals who are just looking for a better version of their authentic Rolex watches at a much lower price. Visit Pawn USA to look at our wide inventory of authentic Rolex watches.

Our Rolex watches are pre-owned yet still in incredible condition as we regularly maintain them while in inventory and we only allow an Authorized Rolex Service Center for repairs and servicing. Should you find something you like in our inventory, we will evaluate the value of your own Rolex watch. You can either trade your Rolex watch for our preloved one or add an additional amount to get a limited edition Rolex watch.

Sell us your luxury watch now, contact us here or visit Pawn USA located in Woodbridge VA.

We love these Rolex Models and are always looking to buy or sell them

Pawn USA
Pawn USA


  • Datejust
  • Datejust II
  • Datejust Lady 31
  • Datejust Pearlmaster 34
  • Day-Date
  • Day-Date II
  • Cosmograph Daytona
  • Rolex Deepsea
  • Explorer
  • Explorer II
  • GMT-Master II
  • Lady Datejust
  • Lady Datejust Pearlmaster
  • Milgauss
  • Oyster Perpetual
  • Sea-Dweller 4000
  • Submariner
  • Sky Dweller
  • Yacht Master
  • Yacht Master II

Rolex Cellini Collection

  • Cellini Time
  • Cellini Date
  • Cellini Dual Time
  • Cellini Rolex Prince

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