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They say gold is a sound investment that you can rely on during your toughest times. True. While some precious metals and stones’ value fluctuates, gold will always have a steady demand. They are considered the next most valuable item especially when the value of currency no longer applies.

Whether you are in dire need of fast cash or just looking for extra money in hand, Pawn USA can give you the amount you need by pawning or selling your gold. Yes, we buy gold, regardless of its karat.

Why is Gold Valuable?

We can all discuss its characteristics and the whole periodic table of elements to point to the value of gold. However, let us focus on its beauty and economic importance. Gold has its attractive color that entices humankind into wearing them. Apart from that, its value doesn’t cease even if the currency does.

In times of distress and tough economic situations, you can resort to gold for instant cash. You can sell or pawn your gold to pawn shops and bring home its monetary value.

Why Choose Pawn USA?

Pawn USA has more than 29 years of experience buying, pawning, and selling gold — whether it’s in a coin form or jewelry. We are considered that #1 buyer of gold in Northern VA and its surrounding areas. We also have a long list of sellers and buyers of gold, jewelry, diamonds, sterling flatware, and more. So what are you waiting for? Exchange your cash for gold now!

We pay the most!

We offer great prices on your gold and jewelry. Here at Pawn USA, we give value to our clients and their properties. We don’t just focus on the item but we also consider the memories you built with it; with this, we make sure you get the most amount that your gold items deserve. So if you are looking for ways to get the best price for your gold, pawn or sell your pre-owned jewelry to Pawn USA.

A highly trusted buyer of Northern VA

No one can match our offers for your gold! When selling gold to us, our licensed pawnbroker will assess the value of your gold item based on several factors such as its weight, karat, design, and others. Then we will agree on the amount of your jewelry. And we pay up to 35% more than other shops!

Pawn USA is also the best place to buy your gold. Our shop offers lower prices, up to 30% lower than other pawnshops, for gold items. Pawn USA is a reliable and reputable business with licensed pawnbrokers; making your selling and buying gold items safe.

Whether you are looking to buy or planning to sell your gold items and scraps, our friendly and well-trained staff will be happy to assist you. Contact us to get the best price for your gold.

Visit Pawn USA in Woodbridge VA and start investing by buying gold items or selling your gold today!

I absolutely LOVE this establishment. The people are fantastic. I always enjoy looking around and always manage to find jewelry that I love. They have repaired things for me, made jewelry for me. They are what I consider family

Stephanie C.

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So whether you want to sell your gold, or just get a loan, come to Pawn USA!

  • We pay more than any other gold buyers in the area – come in with their offer and we’ll beat it.
  • We test and weigh the gold right in front of you, and we buy gold for cash on the spot.
  • At our cash for gold location, you’ll experience a clean and courteous environment.
  • Receive top dollar and leave with cash in hand.

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