Jewelry Repair

We are proud to have our experienced master jeweler on site at PAWN USA Woodbridge every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You have the option to drop off your item to be repaired or come in on the days our jeweler is here and have it done while you browse around the store.

We specialize in

Quality Jewelry ServicesAt PAWN USA we offer you fast and professional jewelry repair services. Don’t let your valuable jewelry sit in a drawer because it is broken or your stone is loose. Bring your broken jewelry to PAWN USA and give it a brand new look.

Why wait? Virtually all of your jewelry repairs are done on premises. We have state-of-the-art equipment and a wide array of gemstones in all shapes and sizes for your stone replacement.

We offer jewelry cleaning/polishing for our customers, whether you buy from us or not!

We can tighten your prongs, check your diamond’s setting, resize your ring, restring your pearls, re-knot of your strand, rhodium plate your jewelry and more.

Let us make your jewelry shine & sparkle – we will bring it back to life and make it new again!

Custom Design Specialist

Pawn USAWant to re-use your old jewelry and create a new custom design? We can create a beautiful new piece of custom jewelry from old gold or stones mixed with elements in our inventory. Discover a unique jewelry design- a one of a kind piece of jewelry for you or someone special!

Jewelry Appraisals

We also offer jewelry appraisals for insurance purposes. Our GIA Graduate Gemologist appraiser is available on the second Wednesday of every month. You may leave your jewelry that you want to be appraised with us until the appraiser is due to come in or you may come in on the second Wednesday of the month. Once the appraisal is complete we will call you to pick up your item and your appraisal documents which will include the owner’s name, a description, and photos of the piece to include Cut, Clarity, Color and Size of all stones, the Retail Replacement Value, the date of appraisal and the signature of the appraiser.


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