Pawning FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

 Pawn USA pawning faqWith all of the pawn shows out there on tv, people are getting more and more interested in pawning and pawn shops. Pawn USA Woodbridge has been around for over 30 years and has seen it all! We love it when you ask questions and love to help out our clients, new and old! We love it even more to answer your pawning FAQ!

So don’t hesitate to call us at 703-878-3000 or stop by our shop, right across from Garfield High School and right near Potomac Mills Mall. Come see “The Real Pawn Stars”


What are the requirements to get a loan at Pawn USA?

We follow the rules of the Virginia State Law, which says that you need a valid US State issued photo id, passport or military id to pawn an item and get a loan. (Two IDs required for jewelry). Virginia state law also requires us to take a photo of you and your identification.

What are the terms of a loan at your pawnshop?

We make 30-day cash loans. At the end of 30 days, you can pay the amount you borrowed and a low fee ( consisting of a 5%. 7%, or 10% interest fee depending on the amount of the loan, a 5% storage fee, and a $3 or less electronic processing fee) and pick up your item.

You also have the option to pay JUST the low fee stated above, and that will renew your item for another 30 days. You can renew your loan as many times as you’d like until you are ready to pick up your item.

Do you have layaway plans at Pawn USA?

Pawn USA Woodbridge does offer layaway plans for all of our items. We have 30 and 60-day layaway plans with 20% down.

What exactly is a pawn?

A pawn loan is a quick, secure and easy way to obtain the cash you require! All you need is a valid state-issued ID and your personal property to use as collateral.

Why should I pawn at PAWN USA WOODBRIDGE?

Pawn USA Woodbridge has been at the same location in Woodbridge for over 30 years. We pay the highest cash for your items, period. We have established a positive reputation making us known as a trustworthy business with exceptional customer service. We understand that without our customers, there is no Pawn USA!!! We have one very simple rule and that is to open our store every day with one goal in mind….TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!!!!

Is my stuff safe with you while it is in pawn?

We have been in business for over 30 years and we are Northern Virginia’s most trusted pawn shop. We have made over 300,000 loans in 30 years and guarantee that your item is safe with us! Our store is equipped with up-to-date security and safes.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

If your ticket is lost or misplaced, you must have your valid id that matches the name and information we have on file from when you did your pawn transaction. Take care to not lose your pawn ticket, as someone could use that and come in and pick the item up with that ticket. There is a lost ticket fee of $5 if you do not have your original pawn ticket upon picking up your item.

What kinds of payments do you accept?

Pawn USA accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal as methods of payment. No business or personal checks are accepted.

Who can pick up my pawned item?

An item that is in pawn at Pawn USA can be picked up with the matching pawn slip or ID of the person who did the original pawn. If the pawn slip is lost or destroyed, then the only person who can pick up the item is the person who put it in pawn with their matching ID.

What kind of items can I pawn at Pawn USA?

We take all kinds of items for pawn loans at Pawn USA. We take computers, cameras, smartphones, tablets, tools, musical instruments, bikes, TVs, snowblowers, generators, collectibles, large screen TVs, car audio equipment, stereo equipment, speakers, DJ equipment, and of course all kinds of jewelry and gold! Bring your item by and we are happy to give you a price always.

Do you buy gold?

Yes, we buy more gold than anyone in Prince William County and Northern Va. Pawn USA Woodbridge pays the MOST! We give the highest cash payout for your old, broken, used gold. We take gold jewelry of all kinds, gold coins, gold bars, gold ingots, and even dental gold. We are always buying gold, whether you are wanting to sell your large, heavy gold chains, class rings, broken bracelets and necklaces, gold cufflinks, gold charms, or small gold pieces, Pawn USA Gold and Jewelry Exchange is the place to go when you are looking for cash for gold!

Do you buy silver?

Yes, we do buy silver. We mostly deal in silver coins, but we also buy sterling silver flatware (silverware, serving pieces, silver bowls, and goblets, etc) and some designer silver jewelry. With silver escalating in price, we pay more for sterling silver than we ever have!

Do you buy platinum?

Yes, we do buy platinum. History shows that platinum is usually worth more than gold, and we will pay more than any other precious metal dealer, pawn shop or jewelry store for your platinum jewelry and platinum coins.

Do you buy diamonds?

Yes, we are always in the market for buying diamonds. We will pay the most cash for your loose or set diamond jewelry. In fact, we are the largest diamond buyer in Northern Virginia.

How do you evaluate my merchandise and decide how much to give me?

Evaluating merchandise, new and old is something that we do every day. Our shop specializes use many tools and information sources to determine the value of your item. The condition, brand, reliability, rarity, size, style, etc are all things that we look at. We look at eBay and other online vendors to help us determine a fair market value.

Should I sell or pawn?

Pawn USA buys most items of value, and selling is a great way to get extra cash quick. But if you don’t want to part with your item, a pawn loan is a great option, as you don’t have to give your item up and can come get it back after paying off the loan.

Can you give me a quote for my item on the phone?

We can give approximate phone and email quotes, but it is hard to give a quote over the phone or via email without actually seeing the item. A lot of things go into the evaluation of an item and we are better off getting you the best/ most accurate price if we see your item in person. You are welcome to fill out a form on this site and submit it to us with any photos or information, and we will always try to do our best.

Can you give me a quote for my item via email?

We can give approximate phone and email quotes, but It is hard to give a quote over the phone or via email without actually seeing the item. A lot of things go into the valuation of an item and we are better off getting you the best/most accurate price if we see your item in person. You are welcome to fill out a form on this site and submit it to us with any photos or information, and we will always try to do our best.

Do you have your jewelry online for me to look at?

We cannot possibly keep up with our ever-changing inventory or jewelry that comes in and goes out of our store. We have more jewelry than most jewelry stores in Northern Virginia. There are some photos of some of our pieces posted sporadically on our site. If there is something, in particular, you are looking for, a certain model of Rolex, a piece of Tiffany and Company jewelry, a diamond engagement ring, or a piece of vintage estate jewelry, just email us using one of our contact forms found on our jewelry page and we are happy to send you individual photos or information on anything we might have that fits your needs. We love to find our customers that something special!

Are people in your store crazy like the ones on that Hardcore Pawn show?

No, we never have situations like that at Pawn USA. We are Northern Virginia’s upscale pawn shop and our employees are known for their respect and helpfulness. Our customers are great and we wouldn’t stand for any of the mayhem that occurs on the pawn shows. We strive to always make our clients feel comfortable in our pawnshop….we take pride in it.

Do you have designer jewelry at Pawn USA?

We have a huge selection of designer jewelry. We love to buy designer jewelry, and really love to sell it! Our inventory is full of brands like Tiffany and Co, David Yurman, Rolex, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Movado, Diamonds on Fire, Pandora, John Hardy, and more.

I love Pawn Stars. Do you have stuff like that?

Pawn Stars on the History Channel is a great show. We love it too. But let’s face it, much of what goes on there is staged for dramatic effect. Pawn USA Gold and Jewelry Exchange is the home of Northern Virginia’s REAL PAWN STARS, and we have incredible merchandise and incredible deals waiting for you!

What is your return policy?

Our return policy is always the same….we offer store credit only. No refunds.

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday: 10am-7pm
Saturday: 9am-5pm

Where are you located?

Pawn USA is located across from Garfield High School, directly next to Public Storage and right near Potomac Mills Mall at 13879 Smoketown Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192. See Directions