Meet The Staff

Pawn USA has been in the collateral lending business since 1991. Meet our friendly and courteous employees, all of whom are well trained, knowledgeable and ready to help you!


  • Mark Brown

    Mark is our fearless leader and has been with Pawn USA since the very beginning. He opened this pawnshop 27 years ago and has grown it to the 5200 feet full of merchandise that it is today.


    Pam has been a long time member of the Pawn USA team starting in 2003!!! She has developed 15 years of expertise in our jewelry department. There is not a thing about jewelry that Pam can’t answer for you. She can help you design your own special custom piece as well. She is very patient and will spend however much time you need to pick out that perfect necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings…. Whatever you are looking for! She loves interacting with her customers and you are sure to be greeted by her her friendly smile and personality which has earned her a large dedicated and loyal returning customer base.


    Eric is a longtime Woodbridge resident who works in the shop only on Thursdays and weekends, as this dad of 2 softball and baseball superstars is also an expert contractor during the week. We are lucky to have had Eric at the shop for over 15 years. This guy can do it all, but specializes in anything tool or auto related.


    Heather is our resident eBay specialist. She has been a part of our Pawn USA team for 5 years and has accomplished a pristine reputation for our eBay store awarding us with 100% feedback. When she’s not busy working on eBay she’s helping guest on the sales floor and enjoys providing excellent customer service. Heather is a great addition to the Pawn USA staff and is always willing to help!


    Bill has been with Pawn USA Woodbridge for over 11 years. He is our true coin specialist and enjoys dealing in high end watches, antiques and militaria items. A local resident who knows his way around Prince William and Stafford County, his laid back, witty personality makes him a favorite among our longstanding clientele.


    Auther Coates is the “Goooood Night” guy that you recognize from our Comcast cable commercials. You can’t believe how many people yell out “Goooood Night” to him every day while he is just walking around town! We love it, and honestly so does he. Auther is a longtime Woodbridge resident and is one of 15 siblings! He works great with everyone and loves to help out in the store with everything! If you are ever in a bad mood, just talk to Auther for a minute and a smile will come to your face!


    Richard “Big Man” Glass has been with Pawn USA for 13 years. We even forgive his love of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which he overcomes with his love of the Washington Capitals. He has a very warm inviting personality and loves helping us on our pawn counter. You can always count on Richard for a helping hand.


    Dennis Coates only works weekends now, but the staff and customers love it when he’s around. This Green Bay Packer fan (yes, we forgive him for that) is the most helpful guy around and never wants to see a customer wait. This dad of 2 is a great member of the Pawn USA team and has been for over 7 years.


    Julius is our master jeweler who works on site in our store on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This expert jeweler is extremely talented in designing and making custom jewelry as well as doing professional jewelry repair for our customers. This dedicated dad of two football playing boys has been a welcome addition to our Pawn USA team for the past 18 years.

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