Here at Pawn USA Woodbridge, we buy and sell all kinds of electronics. A pawnshop is a great place to sell your large screen televisions, DVD and Blu-ray players, stereo equipment, digital cameras and camcorders, computers, iPads and tablets, mobile smartphones, and more.

Pawn USAIt isn’t a secret that the better brand name electronics can be VERY, VERY expensive when you buy them new from the big box stores or online! But if you are looking to get more for your money and save some of your cold, hard cash, then come and check out our selection of TVs and Electronics at PAWN USA WOODBRIDGE! Our inventory is constantly changing, so don’t delay!

Pawn USAWe pay up to 35% more than other pawnshops when you sell your electronics or get a loan on them. Whether your electronics are new or used, we would love to buy them from you or give you a loan on them right away.

Do you need extra cash? Want to trade up to the latest and newest model and get some cash to buy it?


We also have interest in buying and selling of Wearable Technology

  • Activity Trackers & Pedometers
  • Smart Watches
  • Sports Running & GPS Watches
  • Wearable Cameras & Camcorders

I absolutely LOVE this establishment. The people are fantastic. I always enjoy looking around and always manage to find jewelry that I love. They have repaired things for me, made jewelry for me. They are what I consider family

Stephanie C.