Large Diamonds

Large Diamond StoneVery few jewelers in Virginia, Maryland, and DC have the professional knowledge to accurately assess the true value of large diamonds. Very few shops have the budget needed to actually BUY these large stones also. But here at Pawn USA Woodbridge, we are ready, willing and able to offer you the knowledge and money to help you in the sale of your large diamond stone.

Most jewelers specialize in 1 karat stones, and many of our competitors specialize in sub 1 karat jewelry because truly, that is what they have the budget to purchase. At Pawn USA Gold & Jewelry Exchange, we are different!

Do you have a 3 karat diamond? A 5 karat diamond? Even a 10 karat stone? We specialize in buying large diamonds and have the funds to let us do so, so bring them in and let us help you!

Loose Diamonds

We can give you the SAME DAY OFFER once we have examined your diamonds in person. So, while you search the internet for competitive offers for your large diamond, keep this in mind: If you have a large diamond that you want to sell, come to the place that offers you more cash than anyone else —and by the way, the one that ends up buying the large stones from all others…PAWN USA!

Pawn USA

I absolutely LOVE this establishment. The people are fantastic. I always enjoy looking around and always manage to find jewelry that I love. They have repaired things for me, made jewelry for me. They are what I consider family

Stephanie C.