Junk Silver Coins

Ever wonder what junk silver is? Well, all U.S. dimes, half dollars, quarters and silver dollars minted 1964 AND EARLIER contain 90% silver and are known as “junk silver coins. They are called “junk” because they are not rare, not old, have no minting mistakes…they have no numismatic value to coin collectors.

Nickels minted during 1942-1945 (World War II) are known as war nickels and they contain 35% silver.

Silver is a great investment. Over the past 10 years, silver has had a 537% total growth as an investment. Silver is way cheaper than gold and can be bought in small quantities or large. If the dollar ever collapses, you will be happy to own silver and gold, as it could become the only form of currency.

Pawn USA is a big believer in collecting coins for their rarity and beauty, but also as a safe haven in times of economic trouble. Our resident coin specialist, Billy Flynn will be happy to help you out with anything having to do with buying or selling junk silver and silver bullion.

The following is a list of the most common junk silver coins


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Silver Bullion Coins


Keep in mind that coins are graded on several different properties but wear is truly the most important when dealing with junk silver. Most junk silver coins will be in “very good” or “good” condition. You will find some “fine” coins out there that have been stored away by Uncle Bob or Grandma Betty and are now being inherited by their family, but “ extremely fine” and “uncirculated” are generally counterfeit and should be avoided.

Keep in mind that grading wear is subjective, but here is what fair-uncirculated coins would look like:

Fair Uncirculated Coins


So, now that you know a little more about junk silver coins and bullion, we hope you call on Pawn USA for all of your coin needs, whether buying or selling coins, we are here for you!