Buying and Selling Sports Memorabilia at a Pawn Shop

Pawn shops can be one of the best places to both shop for sports memorabilia and to earn a little extra cash by selling some of your own items. If you find a shop you like, and connect well with the staff, you can establish a mutually lucrative relationship.

Considerations When Selling Sports Memorabilia

  • Documentation: Does your item come with any kind of authentication or certification to document that it is a bona fide collector’s item? There are a couple of reasons for the importance of certification:

o Helps the pawn shop lender to locate like items for comparison pricing, and thus, saves time.

o Helps you, as the seller, to receive premium pricing in the negotiation process.

  • Condition: The item should be in original condition, but also speak to the care you’ve taken with it while in your procession. Items in good condition command a higher price than their counterparts.

o Use caution when preserving signatures, photographs, balls, jerseys, gloves, etc.

o Make sure that the authenticity of the piece is clearly identifiable.

  • Research: Know your item, and pass it on as part of the sale.

o What makes one item more valuable than another when they look virtually identical? Knowing it’s history. Was it part of notable game, series, year? Share it.

o Did the athlete(s) perform in a manner that stood out from typical games? Valuable information.

o Is it a one of a kind?

  • Time: This is the part where establishing a good working relationship with a reputable pawn shop can work in both of your favors.

o There may be plenty of other collectors interested, but rather than fielding calls, texts, questions, and offers, it’s a time saver to work with a trusted source.


Considerations When Buying Sports Memorabilia from a Pawn Shop

  • Question: Maybe a football jersey, for example, has caught your eye, and it’s one of your favorite athletes.

o Ask some questions about the background and price.

o Ask to see it up close.

o Ask about any accompanying certification.

  • Research: You feel like you just can’t live without that jersey in your collection, but don’t want to buy on impulse. Base your offer on facts.

o What have similar jerseys sold for?

o Know the item, gather any relevant information.

  • Uniqueness: Pawn shops often receive items that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

o If you run across a set bobble heads that are representative of the one season you got to attend your favorite hockey team’s games, it might be that must have you can’t turn your back on.

  • Trust: Establishing a good rapport with the staff of your local pawn shop can be a win-win for both parties.

o Keep lines of communication open.

o Knowing the quality of the merchandise as well as the ethics and knowledgeability of the staff is a real asset.