Holiday Gifts at Pawn USA

Holiday gift-giving can be tricky. Really special people in your life deserve a really special gift. Sometimes, your budget may not match your holiday lists. Have you thought about taking your Christmas lists to the pawn shop?

At Pawn USA you can find everything from jewelry to electronics to musical instruments. Unique items like gilded music boxes, antique wedding ring sets and heirloom brooches will be the perfect gift for that special lady in your life. Come in and look around at our 5,200 square foot facility. There truly is something for everyone.


For those high-priced items like IPads and video game consoles, why pay full price at the shopping malls. We have the newest game systems and electronics for a lot less than the retail stores. We offer a wide selection of the newest games, too. Come in and find that certain game that your son just has to have. Find the computer your daughter is wanting for her college classes. All of the items are a fraction of the price retailers want you to pay.

High-end jewelry like Rolex and Omega are ready to take home for the holiday season, Valentines Day or an anniversary. Beautiful, name-brand purses like Michael Kors and Coach, in a great selection of sizes and styles are waiting to be wrapped and presented to your special lady. Of course, we have thousands of diamond rings if you are thinking of ‘popping the question’. Ladies, do you want to upgrade your diamond to a larger size or a better quality? Maybe you just prefer a different style or setting? We have so many diamonds to choose from. We can also repair your broken jewelry.
Gold, silver and platinum pieces of jewelry like earrings, bracelets and necklaces make it easy to find the perfect gift. Choose from precious or semi-precious stones in a wide variety of settings. Hypoallergenic jewelry is wonderful for the woman who has sensitive skin.

Some people prefer power over bling when it comes to Christmas gifts. We have a huge inventory of power tools for woodworking, fixing cars or doing home improvements. Drills, socket sets, pressure washers and generators will keep the handyman (or woman) in your life happy. Lawn equipment, chainsaws, pole saws and backpack blowers will have your yard looking spiffy when the family comes for those holiday gatherings.

Does your child want to learn the guitar or the drums? Maybe the instrument is on their list to Santa? Come and choose from flutes, tubas, snares and guitars. Be sure to get an amplifier so that your budding guitarist can practice with his band in your garage. We also have headphones for those times when your ears just can’t take one more practice session.

Come in and browse our inventory for everything on your list. You will probably find things you didn’t even know you needed. Be sure to pick up a little something for yourself while you are here at Pawn USA.