Get Your Jewelry Repaired Within A Day Or Less!

There are a lot of variables when it comes to the jewelry repair industry. Pawn shops, national chain jewelry stores and many small repair shops will fix different types of jewelry. Some shops can fix your jewelry in a day or less; others take weeks to repair your items. Many customers have a hard time entrusting a repair shop or jewelry store with their sentimental pieces. Jewelry from a loved one who has passed away, wedding and engagement rings and estate heirloom pieces are very sacred. When these items become broken, stones become loose or they need to be sized, some people would rather keep the broken pieces stored away safely at home than entrust a repair shop.

Some people feel that if they send their jewelry away to be fixed, a dishonest business may swap the stones or ruin the jewelry. While this does happen from time to time, it is not a common occurrence in the jewelry trade. If you are particularly worried about your sentimental pieces, you may be able to get them fixed at a shop that offers same-day service.


Same-Day Jewelry Services

There are a wide range of jewelry repair services that can be performed by a professional in less than a day. If you need your ring sized, a professional jeweler can size any gold or platinum rings typically within a half an hour or less. Jewelry mounting and prong retipping are other invaluable services that a pawn shop or jeweler can perform. Loose mountings and prongs can be adjusted and reset to prevent stones from shifting. Prong retipping prevents your stones from becoming loose or lost.

If you have jewelry pieces that are missing stones, diamonds or gems, most shops can offer same-day stone replacement for a variety of different types of settings: channel, bezel, tension, pave, burnish, bar or invisible. If your jewelry pieces are too broken to repair but you would like to recycle the stones, many jewelers and pawn shops offer same-day jewelry custom design. You can reuse some of the scrap metal or settings to add to the stones to create a whole new piece that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Every jewelry, repair and pawn shop will offer a same-day turnaround for cleaning and polishing your jewelry. Not only will your pieces sparkle like new, your jeweler can also offer you products or suggestions on how to keep your pieces shiny and clean at home. If you have lots of knots in a chain, broken clasps or closures on a bracelet or other mechanical issues with your jewelry, many shops will offer same-day repairs of your pieces that have simple mechanical issues.

As one of the most delicate precious stones available on the jewelry market, pearls can be very hard to care for. Not only should they be professionally and carefully cleaned by a jeweler, their strings should also be replaced once every 10 years or so. Pearls tend to shift and their chords break down over time. Most jewelry and pawn shops can restring pearls in less than a day.

More challenging repairs may take longer than a day to fix. Many common repair issues, however, can be performed in less than a day in most cases.