How Pawn USA Uses Entrupy to Authenticate Designer Handbags

Women like designer handbags – that’s a fact. Apart from the fact that a handbag makes a woman’s life easier, a designer handbag, in particular, makes her feel good. Like some jewelry, designer bags carry a great resale value and are much more durable than your average handbag. You may be spending a lot of money on a designer handbag but it also exudes that kind of elegance that an ordinary bag can’t match.

However, people are now weary about designer handbags because there seems to be a lot of fake handbags out in the market today that appears exactly the same as the original ones. It also means big losses for pawnshops as they cannot sell it even for the same price as to how they bought it. Sad to say, distinguishing authentic designer handbags from a fake one can be a real challenge. Individuals may find it hard to determine whether a designer handbag is a fake or original, but Pawn USA can distinguish it. How is this possible? Pawn USA uses entropy. 

What is Entrupy?

Entrupy is the latest technology used by many jewelry and luxury handbag retailers across the globe, including us at Pawn USA, to help them validate the originality of a precious item. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) with 98% accuracy recorded the previous year; thus, making sure that the authentication solution will be so much easier and more accurate. Aside from the data collected from different trusted sources, Entrupy is also in partnership with many well-known businesses in their data collection. 

Entrupy can be used in checking the authenticity of almost all items — watches, jewelry, clothes, phones, and even crude oil; all, except for diamonds and porcelain since both items are refractive. The purchase of this latest authentication technology comes with an Entrupy device and an Entrupy configured iPod. 

Pawn USA and Entrupy

The Entrupy device works in conjunction with the Entrupy app which makes the authentication process quick and easy.  You just have to put the device directly on the product that you want to authenticate, and then take the images of the product according to the onscreen prompts. It will only take a while for the AI algorithms to analyze the data from your images and, voila, you will get results in real-time. 

Pawn USA wants nothing but authentic items. With Entrupy, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. We will guarantee that the products brought and sold to us are authentic and our clients will also feel at ease when shopping with us.