Top 5 Electronics to Sell to Pawnshops

Pawnshops have become one of the most favored go-to places by many people looking for fast cash. People in urgent need of money will just bring their valuable items like jewelry and pawn it in exchange for cash. However, many did not realize that there are more items that you can pawn or sell at pawn shops aside from your jewelry and antiques. 

Pawnshops are also open for new and used-but-not-abused electronics. Below are the top 5 electronic items that you can pawn or sell at pawn shops.


  • Laptops
    So, you had upgraded your laptop with higher specs. If you have put your old laptop in the basement and lets it sit around for more than a year, you might want to turn it into quick cash. You can either pawn or just sell it at the pawnshop. You will be surprised by the number of people visiting pawn shops looking for a used laptop to buy. Just make sure that your old laptop is still in good condition, runs with the latest software, and still has the necessary accessories such as charging cables. Typically, more prominent brands sell for a higher price.


  • Digital cameras
    Cell phones may have evolved and have upgraded their cameras with better megapixels; however, digital cameras will never go out of style. Bloggers, photography hobbyists, and even those who love to travel would still prefer it over phones with decent camera features. If you have a high-end digital camera that you haven’t been using but is still in excellent condition, bring it to your favorite pawn shop for quick cash.


  • Flat-screen TVs
    Like any other electronic items, televisions tend to upgrade almost every year — from its size to resolution. And being the tech-savvy that we are, we get tempted to seek the latest release. Don’t leave your older flat screen tv in your basement unused and covered with dust. Instead, bring it to a pawn shop near you for money. Does your old TV still have decent picture quality? Does it have a high resolution? If yes, then pawnshops will accept it for pawning or for sale.


  • Video game systems
    Another electronic item that will sell for high prices at pawn shops is video game systems such as Xbox One and PlayStations. These electronics will give you a decent amount of cash, as these items are very versatile. They aren’t just used for gaming, but they can also be used for streaming and internet browsing. Just make sure that your video game system is still complete with accessories like stock cables, HDMI, power cords, original box, and others.


  • Music hardware
    Are you in need of cash, yet you don’t want to go through the lengthy process of applying for a loan from the banks? Do you have an electronic guitar, keyboard, or amplifier lying around your basement? Then, have them pawned or sell them at the pawnshop near you. Musical instruments and hardware can be great sources of money, especially if it’s still in excellent condition.