Top 10 Diamond Cuts

So you are planning to pop up the magic question to your girlfriend tonight, and you are shopping for an engagement ring to put on her finger. And then the problem comes the moment the saleslady asks you for a cut. What is that? Are diamonds supposed to be cut?

Diamonds can be cut into varying shapes. If you are not sure which cut to choose, here are the most popular diamond cuts today.

  • Round cut
    Round cut diamond is the most popular and most classic diamond cut comprising about 75% of all diamonds sold today. It has a 58-facet cut that is perfectly aligned, providing maximum brightness and reflection of light.


  • Cushion cut
    The cushion cut diamond is another diamond cut that is growing in popularity. The cut provides a pillow-like appearance or a combination of round and princess cut because of its rounded corners and soft cushion. Because of its cut, cushion cut diamond will easily snag on your clothing and garments. It has lower brilliance; thus, giving a vintage appeal on the diamond.


  • Princess cut
    The third most popular diamond cut is the princess cut, perfect for those who love angles and corners. Its 76 facets provide exceptional brilliance and hide the diamond’s imperfections.


  • Emerald cut
    If you are looking for a diamond cut that offers a sophisticated and elegant look, go for an emerald cut diamond. It provides a mirror effect to guarantee that there will be no imperfections hidden with an emerald cut diamond.


  • Oval shaped
    Oval shaped diamond is a beautiful and soft diamond cut that is taken from shallower diamonds. It is as brilliant and as soft as a round cut diamond and represents a long-lasting relationship. Apart from that, its elongated shape will not just compliment the shape of the hand, but it also creates an illusion of a bigger size.


  • Marquise cut
    If you are fond of modified and large diamond cuts, then Marquise cut diamond is for you. Also known as football cut, eye cut, or navette cut, Marquise cut diamond has the largest surface area of all the diamond cuts with its football-shaped appearance. And just like the oval-shaped diamond, Marquise cut diamond has an elongated body giving an illusion of a greater size.


  • Pear shaped
    The pear-shaped diamond is another diamond cut that is slowly rising in popularity. It is a combination of the round and Marquise cut diamond that gives a sophisticated appeal and symmetry.


  • Radiant cut
    Radiant cut diamond is one of those nontraditional cut diamonds with an angular shape similar to emerald cut diamond. It is also one of the most brilliant cut diamonds with a fiery look, thanks to its 70 facets.


  • Asscher cut
    Asscher cut diamond is a square version of the emerald cut with cropped corners and a smaller table, making it look more attractive. The diamond’s step-cut facets create a soft glow that mesmerizes anyone that would look at it.


  • Heart-shaped
    Another uniquely cut diamond is the heart-shaped diamond. As its name implies, a heart-shaped diamond symbolizes love. Unfortunately, not all are fans of this diamond-cut due to its small carat (with less than 0.50 carats).