5 Things You Didn’t Know Are Worth Money At A Pawn Shop

Is there anything more exciting than uncovering a hidden gem? Finding an item in the basement that is in great condition might just be a money maker. At Pawn USA, located in Woodridge Virginia, treasures abound. Given a few good tips, anyone can head out this weekend and come home with some unexpected cash.

What’s Worth Money?


If you have a stack of old books in your home that you no longer want or need why not try pawning them? Pawn shops love receiving books, especially books that are in high demand such as college textbooks or first edition copies of popular or beloved books. If you’re interested in selling off a number of your books, a pawn shop may be the perfect place to do so. 


Did you recently upgrade your iPhone or iPad? If so, some quick cash may be waiting at the local pawn shop. Electronics are another highly profitable item at the pawn shop. Name brand electronics will bring the most money since they will resell at the highest value. It’s a good idea to check a price guide for electronics before selling them. 

Sporting Goods

This may be a surprising category, but it really shouldn’t be. Many sporting items are worth a lot of money. Did you purchase a mountain bike for $2000, use it for a couple of bike trips, and then realize you don’t like mountain biking? A pawn shop could be a perfect solution to make some quick cash. Other sporting items that can be profitable include golf clubs, bowling balls, and baseball bats.

Workout Equipment

If you purchased a Peloton or another workout machine over the past few years and have neglected to use it, you can always sell it to your local pawn shop. Many pawn shops love receiving workout equipment including weights, machines, foam rollers, and many more. 

Musical Instruments

Another surprising money maker is musical instruments. Instruments can be very pricey, and often go unused by a child or teen after their initial interest wains. Drums and guitars tend to be the most popular instruments at a pawn shop, and will probably bring the best return.

If these money-making ideas have inspired you to clean out a closet or two, happy hunting! Everyone has at least one or two items that aren’t being used that can make some real money at your local pawn shop.